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Five Types of Insurance for Contractors to Consider Contractors get the freedom to work when and where they choose, but that doesn’t give them freedom from risk. While there is an almost endless array of insurance policies you can cover yourself with as a contractor in order to protect... READ MORE >>

Sometimes it can feel as though your entire working life adds up to just one single life-defining event each year—Vacation. And that vacation, while important for reminding you that there is a reason you work so hard all year round, must be planned so that it offers you the most bang for the buck that you can afford. READ MORE >>

Your individualized quote for homeowners insurance is not found on any kind of static chart that matches your age, home value and deductible information to a set price. Homeowners insurance quotes are specifically developed for each applicant and are based on the very personal details of your lifestyle and living space. READ MORE >>

Potential Liabilities Considerations for Business OwnersThere are so many things to do and consider when deciding whether or not to go into business for yourself.  One very important item to consider is the potential you have to be sued because of your actions or inactions as a business owner. READ MORE >>

We look away from the road for a few seconds to grab our coffee cup or glance at a billboard, we leave a little late for work and drive too fast, we drift off after a long haul on a monotonous road, or we freeze-up and fail to react to an erratic driver or an obstacle on the road. READ MORE >>

Read through our most recent blog entries from around the web: Changes to the Maryland driving system Home insurance to keep in mind during parties Tips for hiring when making home repairs Your odds of driving into a deer this season READ MORE >>

Driving is a serious responsibility and the instincts, calmness and reaction skills necessary to be a good driver aren’t learned after just a few driving lessons or by reading a book—they are developed with years and years of practice. READ MORE >>

Check out our recent blog postings from around the web: Dog Bites and Homeowners Insurance Maryland offers homebuying incentives to BRAC workers Insurer paying $101,000 in fines, restitution for rate violations Poverty in Maryland and country rising at alarming rate Md. READ MORE >>

According to the Humane Society, approximately 39 percent of all households in the United States are home to at least one dog. While dogs make heartfelt companions, irreplaceable playmates for children, and devoted guards, they can also sometimes pose a problem when it comes to homeowners insurance. READ MORE >>

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